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The Best Tour for You

For the adventurous vacationer there are options aplenty from hiking Peru’s Inca Trail, going though the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park on horseback, climbing the highest peak in Southeast Asia, motorcycling through the remote, raw beauty of Patagonia, not to forget running with the bulls in Pamplona. Get in a Ferrari F430 F1 Spyder to ride along the winding coast of the French Riviera or fly an Air Combat mission, along the lines of Top Gun, in San Diego. If any or all of these adrenaline-charged activities impress you, consider making adventure travel part of your next vacation.

Exploring the World’s National Parks

A national parks tour, no matter what country, will take you to many of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. Best original Read on to see which are some of the world’s most famed national parks.

The Galapagos Islands
One of the world’s most visited UNESCO sites, and also Ecuador’s earliest park, is an island chain known as the Galapagos Islands.

The giant tortoises and small penguins that roam the islands are an incredible sight to see.

Machu Picchu
Regarded as one of the world’s most important archaeological sites in the world, Machu Picchu is a mesmerizing Incan fortress found high in the Andes Mountains.

The power and achievement of the Incan Empire is plainly visible at this spectacular site.

Yellowstone National Park
When President Theodore Roosevelt first came across the grand geological formations and abundant wildlife of Yellowstone in 1903, he proclaimed it to be “absolutely unique in the world”.

Declaring that natural beauty was a common public resource, he promoted the idea of national parks to benefit all generations to follow.

Serengeti National Park
Farther afield, Tanzania’s legendary Serengeti National Park and South Africa's Kruger National Park are both home to countless animal species and incredible fauna. There you will see terrains unlike any other and also hear the roar of lions up close and personal.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, located off the northeastern shores of Australia incorporates the world’s most extensive coral reef system – a must see on any bucket list.

Fiordland National Park
Nearby is the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, awash with fjords so extraordinary that they put Norway's celebrated natural wonders to shame.

Special Interest Tours Galore
The number of specialty tours on the marketplace continue to be on the rise.

Think of any hobby or special interest and you'll definitely find one that's just right for you.

For Those Wine Lover
Your level of proficiency in wines is inconsequential because wine country is always open to anyone with a taste for it. Understanding and savoring the outcome of the complex process of wine making are a just some of the reasons people go on wine-tasting tours.

There are many hot spots to pick from when it comes to picking the best tour for you regardless of whether it’s a wine tasting tour in Napa Valley, or one that takes you along the Stellenbosch Wine Route in South Africa, or one that takes you to some of France’s most well-known wine regions such as Bordeaux or Champagne to name just a few.

For the Food Lovers!
Satisfy your urges on a foodie tour. There are a variety of reasons for a gourmand to go on a culinary tour including getting a sample of local ingredients and artisan products as well as learning how the history and culture of the region affected the evolution of local cuisine.

On some of the top-notch tours, you may even meet a celebrity chef or get lessons from a Michelin-starred master.

For the Yoga Lovers Out There
Today’s hottest tendencies in specialty travel are yoga tours. enthusiasts of this ancient tradition use specific breathing techniques and meditation to bring mind and body into equilibrium thereby attaining a sense of peace.

You image And you can do it all in elegance and beautiful surroundings.

For All the Nature Lovers Out There

Eco-tours take visitors to vulnerable and relatively undisturbed natural areas where they can enjoy the serene beauty of unspoiled landscapes. Eco-tourism is an ideal way to see undisturbed natural spaces, but it is also a good time to learn about conserving the world’s natural resources. These tours are not merely about visiting unspoiled natural terrains, but also about understanding how to better the everyday lives of local denizens as well as the importance of conservation.

Touring Destinations
Tours geared expressly at women are becoming more and more popular. Women only tours are specifically tailored for female sightseers of all ages who want a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Being on a women’s only tour where you can get together with other like-minded travelers makes any vacation more delightful and interesting.

For Spiritual Seekers Only
You’re looking for an experience where you can reconnect with your spiritual self and understand more about the history of your faith. On faith- based tours you’ll be supported by people who are on the very same journey to connect with their spiritual self and recommit to their faith.

Whatever sort of tour speaks to you, there is no questioning that you’ll have lots to keep you busy.

What to Do and See in Asia

The bustling city of Hong Kong is Asia’s hot spot for business, finance, fashion, and food. To enjoy some of Thailand’s most iconic scenery, beaches, and culture, be sure to make a visit to Phuket, its largest island. Known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”, Cochin (or Kochi) in India’s Kerala state, features beautiful old cultural icons including a Jewish community with seven synagogues dating back to the 12th century and the Church of St. Francis, built by Portuguese settlers in 1503.

Still another must-see is Petra, the Jordanian city designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is known as “Rose City” because it was constructed of rose-colored stone. To explore the world and all it has to offer, there is no better way than traveling in the style and elegance a luxury cruise offers

Cruise the Mediterranean

From viticulture and art to science and democracy, historians credit the beginning of modern civilization to the countries along the southern coast of Europe.

The thousands of years of history of the "Old Country" are discernible along its many coasts. Whether you lay in the sun on the beaches of Spain and Italy, study the historical sights of Greece and Jerusalem, or enjoy the beauty of Santorini and the Greek Islands, the memories you make there will last a lifetime. There is no other spot in the world like Rome, with its ancient Colosseum and Pantheon, or Vatican City, home of the Pope and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Anyone who loves unique architectural design must visit Barcelona to see Antoni Gaudi’s most celebrated work.

Wine and food lovers will welcome the opportunity to stop in some of the world’s leading wine-producing regions: Port in Portugal, Chianti in Italy, and Provence in France. ` On the Adriatic coast, visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dubrovnik, the historic city bordered by ancient stone walls.

Africa: A Region of Amazing Diversity

When you cruise along the coast of Africa you will follow the same path taken by early explorers from nations including England, The Netherlands, Germany, and Portugal. Visits to nations including Madagascar, Senegal, Mozambique, and Mauritius will allow you to witness the influences of colonialism alongside ancient tribal traditions. The diversity of the geography is spectacular, from the gorgeous mountains of South Africa to the grand desert in Namibia.

Off the coast of Tanzania you'll find the tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, also nicknamed “Spice Island”, a place well-known for its abundance of precious spices including cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

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