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Eight of the The Planet's Recommended Walks

The most interesting treks are not just about the walking, they are about walking into the place’s historical past and customs. Still, these walks are not an easy task.

Eight illustration They will challenge your durability both physically and mentally, leaving you with a lasting impression of the beauty of the earth. Next are eight of the globe's greatest hikes.

Inca Trail in Peru - 26.7 miles in 4 days
Noteworthy moments are considerable on the Inca Trail, but unparalleled to the minute you walk through the Sun Gate and the instant you catch vision of the forgotten city of Machu Picchu.

Ideal time to go: May to September

Colombia's Lost City ~ 27 miles and 5 days
Walk through the thick jungle through streams before coming to the ruins of Teyuna. Arrive here first you and will have this Lost City to experience exclusively.

Ideal time to go: December to March.

Nepal's Everest Base Camp - 38.5 miles - 13 days
The walk will connect you more to the inhabitants of the Himalayas while realizing an opening to the top of the world.

Once you see Everest, you will not view the world in the exact same way again.

Ideal time to go: August to November.

Tanzania's Mt Kilimanjaro - 21.1 miles | 8 days
At 5,895m (19,340 ft), Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa's tallest peak. It’s not easy, but unlike other great summits, it allows those strong enough to master its many routes to the top. Perfect time to go: September to March.
Mont Blanc in Europe - 77.7 miles in 8 days

With the Tour du Mont Blanc you trek one hundred miles through 3 countries: Switzerland, Italy, and France. The ideal months to go are June to September.

Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia -10 days and 82.6 miles
Known for its organic beauty, you will be exposed to spectacular volcanic terrains, impressive glaciers and expansive flatlands extending to the horizon. Perfect time to go: December to March

Venezuela's Mt Roirama - 21.1 miles | 6 days
The spectacular mountain of Roraima is sacred to the region's native inhabitants and is said to have led to Arthur Conan Doyle’s book, "The Lost World."

When to go: November to April is the perfect time to walk the Roraima path but anytime of the year is good.

The Camino de Santiago, Spain - 466 miles - 30 days

The famous Camino de Santiago, also referred to as the St. James Trail, was a meaningful Christian route during the Middle Ages, and remains a celebrated religious trek to this day.

Best time to go: It can be walked 12 months out of the year but it is ideal between the spring and autumn - though it will be very busy.

Many Adventures Await in the Americas and the Caribbean Islands

There is an abundance of natural wonders in all countries of the Caribbean and the Americas, as well as incredibly diverse cultures and lifestyles throughout. Enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of all Caribbean islands, while noting the assortment of languages and cultures that speak to the early inhabitants of each island from faraway lands including Spain, France, Britain, The Netherlands, and Africa.

Central America, the group of countries positioned between North and South America, has its own unique history and stunning landscapes. From the remains of long lost civilizations including the Aztec, Maya, and Olmec to the dense jungles of Costa Rica, there is something for everyone.

The historic Panama Canal is intriguing for its noteworthy effect on world commerce. Both North and South America are packed with interesting attractions both ancient and modern, as well as gorgeous terrains. A cruise to Canada will allow you to see L’Anse aux Meadows, a Viking settlement that dates back to the 11th century, or stroll the delightful streets of Quebec City with its French influences. In the U.S., stops along the east coast will take you to renown American cities, or sail along the west coast to see the stunning glaciers in Alaska.

Head On South
Continuing southward, travelers will find mysterious ruins, a wide diversity of cultures and peoples, and world music we all recognize. Planet's image In Brazil, see the jungles along the Amazon River or the magnificent beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Nature lovers should make a point of seeing the dazzling beauty of Chile’s massifs and fjords, stopping in the seaside community of Valparaiso to stroll its steep streets of colorfully painted buildings. See a dazzling live Tango show in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires.

Take an Antarctic cruise to the world’s southernmost continent and its practically uninhabited icy panorama.

Cruise the Mediterranean Sea

From viticulture and art to science and democracy, historians credit the start of modern civilization to the countries along the southern coast of Europe. The “Old World” is indeed a territory rich in history.

It will be hard to go back home once you've lain on the beaches of Italy and Spain, visited the historical sights of Jerusalem and Greece, and seen the stunning scenery of the Greek Islands and Santorini. Explore Rome and its historic Pantheon and ancient Coliseum; or the home base of the Pope, Vatican City, with its Holy Catholic Church of St. Peter’s. Lovers of architectural design will enjoy a stop in Barcelona to see Antoni Gaudi’s extraordinary work. Some of the world’s top wines can be tasted in Italy’s Chianti region, France’s Provence, or the city of Port in Portugal.

In Croatia, travelers can visit the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik, selected as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

So Many Things to See and Do in Asia

The sophisticated city of Hong Kong is Asia’s hot spot for the business sector, finance, fashion, and food. Thailand’s biggest island, Phuket, is famed for its gorgeous natural beauty, beach life, and culture. Located in India’s Kerala state, Cochin (or Kochi) is affectionately called “Queen of the Arabian Sea” and is renowned for its history and cultural influences, including St. Francis Church built by the Portuguese and the Jewish Community’s seven synagogues, dating back to 1503 and the 12th century, respectively. In Jordan, be sure to set aside time for UNESCO World Heritage City Petra, which was created from rose-colored rock, earning it the moniker “Rose City”.

To explore the world and all it has to offer, there is no better way than traveling in the style and elegance a luxury cruise offers

Africa: A Place of Remarkable Diversity

A cruise to Africa will take you along the same route as early explorers from countries such as Portugal, The Netherlands, England, and Germany.

By stopping in diverse nations from Madagascar to Mozambique and Senegal to Mauritius, you will observe the longstanding influence of colonialism as well as tribal traditions that are still around today. From South Africa’s breathtaking mountains to the desert landscape of Namibia, there is something for everyone.

Chefs and foodies alike will want to stop on the beautiful tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, also known as “Spice Island” due to its abundance of valuable spices including cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

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